Evolution Is Wrong : Why Is It Taught It Essay

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Evolution is wrong: Why is it taught it in schools?

Ground Zero Evolution was first thought up by Charles Darwin in 1838. In his theory he states that all life came from one common ancestor and we just kept evolving over time to our present state. When he first came out with this theory it was both amazing and blasphemous. His theory went in a completely new direction and of course received backlash. The majority of this backlash came from religious leaders and groups everywhere. These Creationist say that life didn’t just evolve, but was created by one thing, God. Also where Evolutionists say that life evolved over billions of years, Creationists say that the earth is only 10,000 years old. These two sides obviously clash frequently. Creationists say that evolution goes against their beliefs and this translates into the classroom. Many Creationists say that since evolution goes against their beliefs they or their children shouldn’t have to learn it. Evolutionists say that those ideas are malarkey and that evolution is sound and can be proven by science.

Life didn’t just evolve from nothing. In the Bible it says that one the first day God created the heavens and the earth and on the sixth day he created man. Evolutionists say that the earth was created in a “Big Bang” and from that micro-organism were created and over billions of years those organism evolved to our present state. Scientist say that through their dating…

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