Evolution, Design And Impact Of The Personal Computer Essay

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The Evolution, Design and Impact of the Personal Computer (PC) Personal computers have evolved from large and slow machines to the high-powered microcomputers with ever increasing capabilities available today. New technologies and superior components have been developed over time resulting in smaller, faster, more efficient designs.
The revolutionary age of personal computers began in the early 1970’s with kit computers. These were built by entrepreneurs, hobbyists, students, and other individuals with a passion for the emerging technology. The advent of the microprocessor helped make this possible. Coupled with newly developed software these devices became increasingly useful and popular (Computer History Museum).
In 1974 Henry Edward Roberts, founder of Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), built a microcomputer around the new Intel 8080 microprocessor naming it Altair 8800. In the initial design of the Altair 8800, the components needed to make a complete machine would not fit on a single motherboard, and the machine consisted of four boards stacked atop each other with stand-offs. To program the Altair 8800 operators employed an array of switches on the face, then referenced a series of LED lights for the output(Dalakov).
In early 1976 Steve Wozniak, using the MOS Technology 6502 CPU chip, designed and built the circuit board, hardware, and operating system for the Apple I computer. Steve Jobs, a friend, insisted he and Wozniak produce and sell…

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