Evolution As A Lesson By Dennis O ' Neill Essays

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Evolution as a Lesson
According to Dennis O’Neill, biological evolution can be defined as, “genetic change in a population from one generation to another” (“Early theories…”, n.d.). Contrary to what some may believe or have been taught, biological evolution and evolutionary theory do not suggest that humans come from monkeys. Rather, they suggest that organisms share a common ancestor somewhere down the line, and that that common ancestor can be held accountable for similar traits among different species, like man and chimp. Evolutionary theory has struggled to be universally accepted and respected, and has been challenged by other ideas, such as creationism. Creationism suggests that all organisms were created by some divine being, not a common ancestor. While some may believe evolution isn’t science and should not be taught in schools, the opposite can be argued when it is shown how evolution fits three of six criteria: it is observable, naturally-occurring, and tentative.
Evolution is Observable The criteria of being observable can be explained by Steven Dickhaus of ENSI as, “The event under study, or evidence of the occurrence of the event, can be observed and explained. The observations are limited to the basic human senses or to extensions of the senses… If the phenomenon cannot be reproduced through controlled conditions, natural evidence of the event 's occurrence must be available for investigation” (“Lesson of nat…”, n.d.). Evolution meets this standard because of…

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