Evolution And The Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Evolution has been sparking debates between scientist and religious groups for decades. Evolution is the study of genetics evolving over time to make a better species. In this theory the species that are of same genetics start to die off. Evolution is also a widely argumentative topic when it comes to the bible and churches. Scientist have been working on the theory of evolution since Charles Darwin.
The theory of evolution is complex and has many aspects. "The modern theory concerning the evolution of man proposes that humans and apes derive from an apelike ancestor that lived on earth a few million years ago" (Evolution of man.. 2016, para. l). The theory of man being derived from an apelike creature has been around for a long time and will always be around because science is finding new genetic traits that link one another. "The theory states that man, through a combination of environmental and genetic factors, emerged as a species to produce the variety of ethnicities seen today, while modern apes on a separate evolutionary pathway" (Evolution of man.. 2016, para. l). Little everyday things can be part of an evolutionary event, many factors have to be set into place in order to take action and make something evolve over time. "It was based largely on observations which he made during his — year voyage around the world aboard the HMS Beagle (1831-36)" (Evolution of man.. 2016, para. l). Charles Darwin is one of the main scientist that studied evolution and made some…

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