Evolution And Our Dietary Change Essay

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Neil Mann, who is a Professor & Head of Food Science & Nutrition in RMIT University, spoke about evolution and our dietary change, specifically the difference on our nutrition today and the time of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. There is a huge contrast in terms of energy density of foods and other key food compositional differences, which has led us to have disease today. He stated that we are not so healthy in these 50-60 years according to our diet intake. Food is our main energy sources. We can get energy from macronutrients such as carbohydrate, protein and lipid. Also, it is vital to eat all the 5 group types to get all the nutrients.

Our human evolution timeline started with mammalian insectivores such as dinosaurs, followed by primates, apes, ramapithecus, “Lucy” (hominin), Homo habilis, Homo erectus and finally Homo sapiens. In Pliocene era, which was in 4 million years ago, there was a climate change, which has affected their diet. Their ancestors have to adapt to fight for spaces to live and hunt animals for food to survive. Animal food provides proteins and fat. It also provides energy, starch and sugar, fibre and mineral. They need to have an adequate daily energy intake to be survived. This is due to the energy required for them to collect food is very high.

Our diet can be affected by digestive structure and their function. Gorillas have a large intestine in the body, which is bigger than human, but is unable to digest cellulose and some plant materials.…

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