Essay about Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution

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Evolution has received mostly negative feedback from society, especially from non-scientists. Perhaps, evolution is controversial because it speaks to the beginning of humanity. Controversy originated from individuals’ religious backgrounds and faith in a higher being but they do not consider the definition of evolution. Noted by David Jacobs—Professor of Animal Evolution and Systematics at the University of Cape Town, non-scientists believe evolution states that human evolved from baboons. However, evolution only claims that humans and other non-human primates share a common ancestor (Jacobs, 2015).

Before Biology 1114, an evolutionary debate would have never crossed my mind, let alone discussing whether or not human behaviors are controlled by an evolutionary mechanism. After the first day of lecture, where evolution was defined, my mind began to wonder as I began to delve through scientific material since evolution may be a part of my future in the medical field.

Evolution is defined as “differences in survival and reproduction resulting in a change in the relative proportions in subsequent generations” according to Jacobs. Two vital components of evolution are an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce. Differences in an individual may be random, but the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce is not up to chance. Inherited traits more suited for a particular environment will allow individuals to thrive and flourish. Resources are finite and natural…

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