Evolution And Evolution Of Evolution Essay

1923 Words Jan 13th, 2015 8 Pages
When we look at living individuals today, there are at least a million differences amongst them, and yet there are multiple similarities. No living individual is the same as they were a year ago. It is known that many significant individuals have looked for answers of possibly why this has occurred, and is still occurring. Despite the various approaches from multiple fields of study, there has always been a connection between the studies conducted; evolution. From physical attributes to one’s genome, to similar homologous and analogous structures to fossil records, all suggest that things have evolved since the beginning of life. The theory of evolution first proposed by Charles Darwin suggests that evolution is the process from which all living beings have developed from a common ancestor, as well that it is the change in traits over time (1-7). Although, many may argue against evolution just being a possible theory, I strongly believe that evolution has occurred, and is indeed a scientific fact. Therefore, evolution has occurred because of the process of natural selection, evidence suggesting changes in the environment, as well as, from evidence suggesting changes in living organisms. Firstly, evolution has occurred because of natural selection. Natural selection is a process that supports evolution because it is known to be one of the leading mechanisms for it (6, 7). Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection can be understood as the process by which…

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