Evolution And Adaptation Of The Human Brain Essay

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A change within the frequency of alleles in a population occurs on two distinct levels known as macro and microevolutions. The latter is explained as an alteration within a species’ environment that force adaptations in the group; a necessity for survival and reproduction.
The evolution and adaptation of the human brain first occurred through a microevolution. As humans struggled to survive their brains grew and developed according to environmental changes; which are not always synonymous with a physical habitat. Charles Lindholm (2007), a renowned professor of anthropology, describes culture as an evolutionary force through which the human brain grows and develops. Although a rather abstract concept, culture is much more than it seems because it dominates the way in which humans think, act, and comport themselves on an individual and societal level. “Children learn about their culture within the family, through daily activities, language, and traditions… family and community constitute their world” (Phinney, 2007, p. 119). Offspring that are raised and immersed within their culture grow up to view the values, customs, and practices of their family as a norm. Through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age humans learn that culture defines their world. “Adaptation is never perfect; we continually struggle to escape from constraints, seeking to become something other and greater than our mundane selves” (Lindholm, 2007, p. 14). As culture shifts or when one does not…

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