Essay about Evoloution of Health Care

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The Evolution of Health Care Paper
Abdallah Muqedi, Ashall Smith, Brandi Bevely, Karla Hopkins, Kendrick Bogan, Latasha Cormier
June 9, 2014
Dr. Rachael Kehoe


The Evolution of Health Care Paper
The health care industry has changed dramatically as the years have passed. One major way that health care has evolved is the use of technology. Technology has helped health care expand in a major way. It has changed simply from the way people can be seen by a doctor to the technology doctors use to diagnose and treat the patients. One way in particular has changed the health care system is Health information technology.
The United States Department of Health and Human Services defines Health information technology as
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Electronic medical record systems allow people that are assisting with the treatment of a patient have the patient’s information at their disposal. Unlike paper records whoever accesses the patient’s chart will be logged so administrators can see the person’s name and the date and time they accessed the chart. Having these feature will help with stopping people from violating HIPPA.

Societal beliefs and changes
Access to healthcare is a growing problem in our nation today. Health information technology has been a consistent factor in medical cost inflation over the second half of the 20th century. Barriers include the cost and complexity of IT implementation, which often necessitates significant work process and cultural changes (Medpac, 2004). Due to the advancement of technology it has expanded the health care industry making it the largest and most powerful industry in the nation (Shi & Singh, 2012). Medical technology has impacted health care tremendously with the influence of beliefs and values.
Electronic data is used intensely to transmit, access, store, and monitor the population health for the country, region, state, city, and not to mention of course the patient. It’s much cost efficient to keep people well than treating them when they’re sick. A societal belief that has influenced health information technology is that everyone believes in equitable care for all patients

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