Evil: The Existious Problem For The Theist?

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What is evil? That is a very involved question. Some may say that there is no such thing as evil and that everything that happens, happens for a reason and that we are just too simple minded or close to the situation to see what the purpose of it is. But for most evil is something “bad” it’s the opposite of good, it’s something we don’t like and try our hardest to not indulge in. To me there are two main types of evil. There’s natural evil like hurricanes, tornados, natural acts of the wild such as animal attacks etc. And then there’s evil done by man of all different sorts that range from murder to pollution, stealing, lying and everything in-between.

Does evil raise a serious problem for the theist? Yes. Evil is certainly a problem for
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I can’t answer this with certainty. Nobody can honestly answer it with certainty. My personal theory is it’s quite possible for god to be omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Surely if he really did create everything that exists he could be everywhere all the time and be able to do anything and whatever he wanted to do. But omnibenevolent? Certainly not. At least not in the way he created me to understand that word. There’s just no way you can say you love someone and be able to put them through the things that god does, you just can’t no matter what reason you say you do it for. And in the case with Christianity it’s absolutely ludicrous to condemn someone to eternal damnation and say you love them. Granted that I do believe that evil is necessary. It goes hand and hand with free will, we all have the ability to choose to do evil but I strongly believe there is an unbalanced amount of evil. If you say in order for good to exist there has to be evil I understand but it should be equal and it’s just not. At least not on earth. 80 years of a perfect life has absolutely no comparison of 80 years of a terrible life. Nobody wants to believe that god isn’t omnibenevolent but the fact of the matter is that if god exist and he created everything he also created everything evil and therefor to me is not

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