Evil : Evil Or Evil? Essay

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What is evil? That is a very involved question. Some may say that there is no such thing as evil and that everything that happens, happens for a reason and that we are just too simple minded or close to the situation to see what the purpose of it is. But for most evil is something “bad” it’s the opposite of good, it’s something we don’t like and try our hardest to not indulge in. To me there are two main types of evil. There’s natural evil like hurricanes, tornados, natural acts of the wild such as animal attacks etc. And then there’s evil done by man of all different sorts that range from murder to pollution, stealing, lying and everything in-between.

Does evil raise a serious problem for the theist? Yes. Evil is certainly a problem for theists. Well not so much a problem for the theist but instead a problem for non-religious individuals. How could it not be? The main reason for most people not believing in religion and ultimately turning to atheism other than there being too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies is the fact that there is such immense evil in the world. The question is always raised “How could a “God” that is supposed to love us unconditionally allow such great evil? How can I as a human that has to endure such atrocities like rape, torture, murder, starvation, unbearable agony and the fear of dying and spending all of eternity dammed to a place that is supposed to comprise of complete and total unbearable evil? (hell)” believe in such a God? And…

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