Essay about Evil, By Dr. Zimbardo

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In this world, there exist both good and evil, and they both coexist in every humankind genetic trait. Wherever we go, evil is present around us, and there is not a place that is safe from evil. My definitions of evil as sin, an act of rebellion against God, and an act of breaking God 's commandments. Dr. Zimbardo 's definitions of evil as an improper behavior or influence, an act of inhumanity or cruelty, and a desire to kill or to destroy. Both definitions of evil are similar to one another, because they both are part of our human nature, human instinct, and human reasoning.

First, I believe human nature is the characteristics, the feelings, and the behavior of every humankind. We all have human nature, and our human nature can be good and it can be evil. Furthermore, our human nature can build up pride, and our pride can lead to an ego of the self. We all behave in a different manner, depending on our characteristics and our thoughts, but usually our thoughts can lead to a desire to do evil. Second, I believe human instinct is a natural impulse or the process of doing the action by each individual humankind. We act in a way that seems natural to us, and we perform the action through our thoughts. With that in mind, evil behavior begins with our human instincts and human urges, and most human urges are so strong that it is hard to control. If we cannot control our human urges, then our human instincts will take over, and it will be too late to stop ourselves from what we…

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