Evil As God 's Own Problem By Lloyd Philip Dunaway Essay

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2. Current State of Study In his PhD dissertation, Evil as God’s own Problem, Lloyd Philip Dunaway performed his comparative study between Barth’s top-down approach to theodicy and Dunaway’s philosophical bottom-up approach to theodicy. In so doing, he drew upon the insights of process theologians, such as Whitehead and Hartshorne. Here the author seeks to find the way to plausibly explain the presence of evil in the world by putting in dialogue Barth’s theology from above and the theology from below of process thinkers and Dunaway. This dissertation provides a balanced presentation of the kenotic yet redemptive presence of God in the midst of evil. Nonetheless, his work certainly lacks in the consideration of natural evil prevalent in the universe according to the 2nd principle of thermodynamics and the cosmic death that is predicted by contemporary astrophysics. In that vein, he does not find the inseparable linkage between moral theodicy and natural theodicy, while not presenting a panentheistic model that is both theologically and scientifically plausible. According to Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, “A lacuna in Christian theology is the forgetfulness of the cosmic dimensions.” That is, “In the biblical and patristic traditions, ‘cosmic’ Christologies and pneumatologies are present,” and the retrieval of tradition is “important both for the sake of interfaith hospitality and improving Christianity’s self-understanding” in interdisciplinary dialogue.…

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