Combination Of Evil Essay

The Word evil can have many different meanings, such as bad, wrong, immoral, selfish, or a personification of an evil force/ power. The definition of evil is pretty straight forward but only through experience can one fully grasp what evil is. Evil is perceived differently among different types of people, religions, races, but the main factors of evils are always geared toward a negative outcome, either physically or morally. The Combination of these qualities ca bring together a result in an overly negative effect on the general performance of humanity.
Evil in its simplest form is a profoundly immoral, wicked, depravity especially when regarded as a super natural force. Many religions view evil as a super natural force, such as believing the devil causes the evil, in today’s world. The opinion on where “Evil” comes from today varies based on each different individual, group,
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Many people try and find a perfect balance between them both. Evil used to show a situation or an occurring event that is unpleasant harmful or morally wrong. For many people they try and avoid these events by attempting to do as much good as they can. For people like Martin, who embrace the public opinion is known for being “evil” for his immoral, selfish actions while working for pharmaceutical company. Although the majority of people agree that what Martin is doing is immoral and selfish, some people don’t share the same viewpoint and think he is doing “good” compared to how Bill Gates chooses to help out society with his wealth by helping out those who are in need and less fortunate than himself. While finding a moral high ground on every issue now a days is practically impossible in today “Politically Correct” society along with everyone varied opinions. So where do we draw the line between “good and evil”? We cannot, the line for everybody is based on their own principles and morals on the situation that is

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