Evidence Table Containing Studies For A Low Gi Essay

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Evidence Table Containing Studies
Author(s), Date of Publication Conceptual Framework Design/Method Sample/Setting Variables Measurement Data- Analysis Findings Appraisal: Worth to Practice

Panico, A. et al., (2014)
Nutritional Therapy & Metabolism, 32(2), 85-92 None Crossover design/ Compare isocaloric and isoenergic diet effect on PCOS 7 patient with PCOS with BMI of greater or equal 28.7/outpatient unit BMI, Insulin level, Glucose Parametric data were evaluated through a 1-way ANOVA. P-Value- Isocaloric and Isoenergetic diet is beneficial to PCOS Strength: Use consistent entry criteria. Weakness: small sample size. Conclusion: This preliminary study confirms the potential benefits of an isocaloric and isoenergetic diet with a low GI
Joshi, B et al., (2014). Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 18(3), 317-324

None Cross-sectional community based. To assess the prevalence of PCOS in girls ages 15-24 Random sampling of 778 adolescent and young girl ages 15-24/community in Mumbai India Waist circumference, BMI, serum testosterone, FAI Pearson Chi-square test P value PCOS is becoming more prevalent among the younger population. Lifestyle modification for management is imperative Strength: recommend that lifestyle, dietary changes and exercise to manage PCOS.
Weakness: need more diverse population.
Conclusion: PCOS is a disorder becoming more prevalent, promoting health lifestyles and early intervention can prevent future morbidities Khademi, A et…

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