Evidence Based Practice Essay

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Implementation of Evidence Based Practice
Rosemary Garcia

Implementation of Evidence Based Practice Evidence Based Practice Nursing is the utilization by nurses of Evidence Based Research findings that, according to Houser (2012), steer the nurse toward integration of clinical expert opinion and experience with an unbiased exhaustive review of the best scientific evidence professional nursing care literature can provide while incorporating patient values and preferences. Evidence Based Practice Nursing entails adopting a systematic critical thinking decision making process guided by a deliberate and defined chosen Evidence Based Nursing model path that involves searching,
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They also minimized inherent cultural bias that could have potentially arisen if the sample had been solely from one country or region. The conclusion was that nurses would benefit from additional education regarding how best to address these concerns. Implementing these Evidence Based Research findings helps improve nursing practice.
As noted earlier, the prevalence of pressure ulcers, their prevention and treatment is a common dilemma in a long term setting and nursing homes want to demonstrate success in this area as part of the quality of care. One method used to identify and monitor pressure ulcers is the Minimum Data Sheet (MDS) prevalence ulcer (PU) indicator. Bates-Jensen et al (2003) in a quantitative research descriptive study sought to determine whether the minimum data sheet pressure ulcer indicator of a high or low score reflected differences in processes related to pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. The convenience sample consisted of 321 residents from 16 different nursing homes. The resident had to be at risk for pressure ulcer development using the PU Residential Assessment Protocol of the MDS to meet the criteria for inclusion. This was a quantitative study designed to collect numerical data by measuring 16 care

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