Evidence Based Practice Essay

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Evidence Based Nursing Practice in Nursing

• "Doing the right things right" (Craig & Smyth, 2002, p.4)
• Used to improve the experiences associated with health care and illness
• Early examples o Infection control (aseptic technique) o DVT (deep vein thrombosis) prevention

Development of the EBP Concept
• Began with medicine o Archie Cochran, a British epidemiologist in 1972 published a book criticizing the medical profession for not reviewing medical research studies o Believed that the strongest evidence came from RCT (randomized clinical trials). RCT are the most strict kind of research design.
• A RCT has to have three things:
• Control group
• Placebo group
• Experimental group o Founded the Cochran Foundation in
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Ask general information about a clinical issue and can usually be found in a textbook. There are two components of these types of questions: o Starting point of question (Who, what, where, when, how, etc)
 Example: how does acetaminophen work to effect fever?
 Example: how do hemodynamics differ with positioning? o Outcome of interest – diagnosis.
• Foreground questions – can be answered from scientific evidence about diagnosing, treating, or assisting patients. These focus on specific knowledge. These questions build on

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