Evidence Based Nursing Practice

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Mastering outcome seven in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) helped me to retain effective communication and collaborative skills in the development and implementation of the evidence-based nursing practice. Evidence-based is essential for quality improvement and healthcare transition that emphasize the need for improving the care that is effective, safe, and efficient (Stevens, 2013). At the start of the DNP program my knowledge was limited in communication and collaborative skills, now I can lead interprofessional teams in improving delivery systems and care to reveal the necessity for competencies to transform healthcare. Two examples of critical factors that inspired my growth in the DNP program include communication and team collaboration

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    textbook, Evidence-based nursing practice is defined as the “rationale for nursing actions and offering a focus for nursing care.” To interpret the definition you must obtain general knowledge about medical terminology to provide nursing practice. As a care provider, you must determine a reasonable care plan to prevent or manage infections or inflammation. A nurse should refer to critical thinking and recommendations to determine a particular nursing diagnosis. Evidence-based focuses on…

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    Nursing research is associated with the founder of nursing; Florence Nightingale. The beginnings of Evidence-based Practice. Evidence based nursing can date back to the 1800s if one considers Nightingale’s first steps forward. Her “Notes on Nursing” was first published in 1859 inEngland and in 1860 inAmerica (Evidence-Based Nursing, 2012). Practice based evidence nursing evidence-based practice has had an increase around the world today. In the 1970s in the United States was where you began the first…

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    Research shows an improvement in patient outcomes when nurses practice in an evidence-based manner. Described by Black, Balneaves, Garossino, Puyat, and Qian (2015) as “a problem-solving approach to clinical care that incorporates the conscientious use of current best practice from well-designed studies, a clinician’s expertise, and patient values and preferences,” evidence-based practice (EBP) has been shown to increase patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and decrease…

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