`` Everything That Rises Must Converge ' By Flanney O ' Connor

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When complaining and not appreciating what you have, life must suck but take the time to realize family is always there and some wants you to see the past how they lived it. In “Everything That Rises Must Converge,” Flanney O’Connor wrote this story that was a simple read and quick to understand. Mrs. Chestny, mother of Julian, is prejudice and close minded in her own way from being born in the early 1900s in the south with a grandfather that had a farm that she used to go to a lot. Now it’s the 1950’s. She believes that the black people should rise but “ on their own side of the fence. ”Throughout the story, Julian was depressed, irritated, and rude to his mother for “being adjuststable” until an incident happened when Mrs. Chestny offered a penny to a little black boy. She was struck by purse of the “whole colored race which will take no longer take your condescending pennies”, while he was struck by humiliation and seeing his mother confused sitting on the ground at the bus stop. As he watched his mother fall to the ground, with emotions of a grudge from past, he emphasized that her old ways of life and “old manners are obsolete and your graciousness is not worth a damn.” He then catches his mother staring with a look he hasn’t seen before from her, as like he was absolute. He, and also we, realized that the hit from the purse triggered a problem in her. As he sees his mother die, we the audience and Julian, realize that in the world, his mother “live in a new world and…

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