Everyone Can 't Be Super Essay

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Everyone Can’t Be Super

Seeking perfection in an imperfect world has been a massive dilemma in today’s society. The rapid development of technology in this generation has created many new opportunities for genetic engineering. In California, a personal-genomics organization has been awarded a U.S. patent for techniques used in fertility clinics to create babies with selected traits. This human modification will lead to the controversial idea of designer children with artificial attributes. Altering natural-born feature with DNA is harmful, unethical, and detrimental to society because it is meddling with measures beyond our grasp.

"The prospect of real designer babies—where it would be possible to reliably choose cosmetic traits such as complexion and hair color or even physical characteristics such as athleticism—remains a distant one. But that day may be drawing closer, thanks to advances in genetic technology.”(Naik) Genetic engineering is becoming a more popular topic every year, but doctors and gene specialist should spend more time looking for cures to diseases; rather than pleasing the hunger of ungrateful and unsatisfied parents.

Playing God is a dangerous game that inevitably ends with a monster. If society eventually allows genetic manipulations, we will be facing many religious conflicts. This could result in violent protests and rebellions. Some US scientists and activists for the prohibition of genetic editing say, “Such developments could…

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