Everyman and Death: Understanding the Perception and Treatment

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Everyman and Death: Understanding the Perception and Treatment

Jonathan Thomas

Liberty University

Thesis Statement:

In this paper, this writer will evaluate the perception and the treatment of death in



I. Introduction II. Purpose of Morality Plays III. Main Body: Discussion of Plays Characters a. God b. Death c. Everyman d. Fellowship e. Kindred & Cousin f. Goods g. Good Deeds h. Knowledge i. Confession j. Five Wits i. Beauty ii. Strength iii. Discretion k. Angel l. Doctor IV. Understanding on Christian faith and biblical scripture in comparison V.
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Goods will stay and continue to deceive and put false beliefs into more, so they will continue to put their faith in something that will not grant them eternal life and happiness.
When Everyman begins his conservation with Knowledge there is another invitation of religious commonalities, Knowledge states “Now go we together lovingly, To Confession, that cleansing river. This appears to reflect a Catholic idea, where one must confess their sins to a priest to show repentance and receive forgiveness,” (Adu-Gyamfi & Schmidt, 2011). It appears to indicate that through confession everyman will experience salvation. The conservation with Confession begins. It does seem that through the conversation with Knowledge and Confession that Everyman does understand that there must be prayer to God the Father and an understanding the through Jesus Christ he can be cleanse and repent; however, this appears to only allow him to have his Good Deeds accompany him on his journey. Everyman then attempts to seek out his Good deeds as a way of pleasing the Lord, this is the only that agrees to go with Everyman on his journey. This reflects many religions, in which that our salvation and pleasing of the Lord comes from our Good deeds within our lifetime. Everyman continues to look for others to go with him on his journey,

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