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Everyday Use Alice walker in her short story “Everyday Use” teaches on heritage and inheritance. A quilt is made up of patches of cloth intricately stitched together to make the final product. Symbolically, an individual's perception of the world is constructed out of different influences, circumstances and events, which dictate how one responds to the world. Mama as the narrator in “Everyday Use” tell us of the conflict of two worlds personified by the daughters. Dee is infuriated by what she sees as a past of oppression in her lineage and has created a new heritage for herself while rejecting her true heritage. She is obstinate to her family name and takes up a new name Wangero (158), which she believes
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Maggie comes to life over dinner during the discussion on who crafted the dasher. She speaks in an almost unheard tone as she gives details on who made the dasher. Dee contributes to the discussion by ridiculing Maggie and saying that her brain is similar to an elephant's. Dee later says that the churns proper place is her decorating plan. Later Dee decides to leave the table in search of two quilts, which she wanted to put up for display (159). These two quilts she searches for had been hand made from Mama's 50 years clothes, and were to be given to Maggie on her wedding. Dee believed that the quilts were hers, and makes her case that she is best suited to inherit the quilts since, she is the only one who can fully appreciate them. Dee fears that Maggie will use them every day instead of preserving them as artifacts. Dee remains rooted to the idea that Maggie is undeserving of the quilts, as she will not appreciate them. Mama does not speak as she remembers that she had refused to carry the quilts to school because to her they were out of style and old fashioned. Dee refused to take the machined quilts offered to her by Mama because she wants the heritage carried by the quilts. As she caresses her quilts, she ignores Maggie and Mama's recital of the family history and the quilt patterns. Dee nearly take the quilts away from Maggie but in an

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