Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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In the short story,” Everyday Use,” Alice Walker depicts the simple farm life in southern Georgia. Mama, the narrator of the story lives a much simpler life than her eldest daughter, Dee. The two battle throughout most of the short story judging each other on their lifestyles. Throughout their reunion Mama and Dee argue over their own agendas and because of their different upbringings they tend to bump heads on what’s truly important. Throughout this short story you begin to understand that different points of view are what makes this story so interesting. Mama, who is the main character of ”Everyday Use,” is described as a large and big boned woman capable of doing the work of men. Telling this story in the first person, Mama using a bossy tone is able to create a neutral setting free from judgement. Mama grew up as a farmer with two daughters and a three room house. Dee, Mama’s oldest daughter, is a light skinned woman who, by the hard work of Mama and the charity of their church, was able to receive an education. Maggie is Mama’s youngest daughter, she is frail, afraid, and scarred. When the daughters were young they experienced a house fire where all of their belongings went up in flames. Maggie who bears the burn scars of this accident was terrified and saddened by this event while Dee, sat and watched with a sense of joy that her inherited life may now be behind her. Mama, fearful of how the reunion of her and Dee will go, imagines a different setting, a more…

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