Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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Everyday use by Alice Walker is a story of both internal conflict and external conflict. The speaker of the story (narrator) is mama waiting for her daughter dee’s arrival because she’s visiting both mama and maggie the second sister.Poor and uneducated, mama was not given the opportunity to break out of her countryside life. She’s loving to her daughters and protective of Maggie. Because maggie is Dee is a educated women because mama and the church put money into her education. Dee treats Maggie and Mama as if they were beneath her and she’s better then them. The story doesn 't show why Dee was visiting but to the near end of the story. Dee 's main reason for coming home isn 't immediately revealed in the story. After she has been in her mother 's house for a few hours, however, it becomes clear. She has come home to lay claim to some of her mother 's possessions, to collect them and take them back to her home in the city. She wants her mother 's old butter churn. Then she discovers the quilts that mama had promised Maggie as a wedding gift. Dee wants the quilts, too, not for their emotional value or their usefulness, but because she thinks they are valuable antiques and will look beautiful as decorations in her home. Maggie wants the quilt, but says that Dee can have it if it means so much to her; Maggie explains that she does not need the quilt to bring her close to the hands that have worked so hard on it, specifically her grandmother. Her grandmother lives in her…

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