Essay on Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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On most occasions, most of the objects or persons have its own symbolism in a community for example: the objects that were used in the story “everyday use” by Alice Walker such as the quilts, the dasher, and the butter churn. Each one has its own symbolism for example the quilts meant family and past generations that were still remembered. The roughness and the finger prints left in the dasher meant being able to touch the loved ones that once used that same object. All this objects can symbolize greater objects then they appear to be, they also symbolize history, love, and appreciation which is necessary for use because without our history we are nothing. In the short story, a woman named Mrs. Johnson has had a rough life trying to help her two daughters’ succeed in life; she has worked like a man, knowing how to kill like one. In those times a lot of segregation was going on between blacks and whites so black people were often been messed with. One day their house got burned down, and the youngest one of the sisters named Maggie got cut up in the fire and her arms got burned and “her eyes blazed by the flames”. After the incident they moved on to a safer place and Mrs. Johnson decides to work hard to provide a good enough education for her oldest daughter named Dee in return she uses all of her knowledge she learned and made her mom and sister feel inferior, later she leaves for a long time and comes back like if nothing changed with a new name wangero lewanicka…

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