Essay Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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Alice Walker’s “Everyday use” focuses on the theme ‘valuing the past, and one’s family’. Like Dee, or should I say ‘Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo,’ valuing the past and our family may be challenging. This is because at times in our lives, our past and family becomes so common to us like ‘everyday use’ of items, that we often take them for granted.
Everyday Use takes place in the 1960’s in the narrator’s yard and house. She wasted no time and went into details about the setting. She explained that the yard is more like an ‘extended living room.’ I agree with this statement, mainly because the narrator said that the yard is swept clean as a floor.
The main characters of this story are Mother, Dee and Maggie. The other minor characters that were mentioned were Hakim-a-Barber and John Thomas. All of the main characters of this story appear to be total opposites. Mother who is also the narrator describes herself as being large, big-boned, with rough man working hands. Mother does not display a positive appealing image of herself. She also lists the many masculine things she can do, which makes the title ‘everyday use’ come into play. Mother makes use of the items in the setting to make a living for herself and Maggie. On the other hand, Dee is outlined by her fashion sense and style. Maggie has always remembered Dee for a person who never gets told ‘no.’ Dee seems not to be interested in traditional items, until she left home, joined the Islamic Nation and changed her name to…

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