Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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ada McCree
Everyday use Essay
Multi-Cultural Literature 1
5 Oct. 2017 Everyday Use Essay Being told no is a powerful word to a spoiled child. Also experiencing a spoiled child never get told no can get very frustrating and annoying. Like siblings they all have different personalities. There is the quiet, loud goofy one, the smart one, and the spoiled does not take a no for an answer one. The one word a spoiled child never wants to hear is a no. they want yes to this and yes to that. However, that one day she or he gets told no it is a day that no one will never forget. A story so good would have to listen to all three versions of what happened. This story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker would be told and turned around so different if it was told by Maggie, Dee, and omniscient.
First and foremost, if Maggie were to tell the story it would start off passive. Maggie is the quiet and insecure one that that envied her sister. Of course she is very helpful inside the house with her mother. She does not get any education just like her mother so they clicked very well. Maggie is slim and cover up a little. Is very nervous as her mother says, “Maggie would be nervous until after her sister leave” (1). Maggie is planning on getting married to a gentlemen named John Thomas. Maggie and Dee were in competition over a couple of quilts and who deserved them more off who has more culture. Her mother had planned

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