Everyday Use By Alice Walker Essay

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Conflicts in “Everyday Use” by Alice walker
The short story appropriately named “Everyday Use” was written by Alice walker, a proud African-American author and activist. In this short story the character Mama is the character shown from many different angles making her the round character. She’s portrayed as a strong individual, not only mentally but physically as well. She’s a single mother so being physically and emotionally strong comes in well fitted. There may be controversy on who is the flat character of the story, but for the sake of trucking along we’ll point out possibly the least accepted character to be a hindrance to others, Maggie. Maggie, being one of the two mentioned daughters of mama, is a sweet, kind-hearted, simpleminded little girl, and even though these aren’t the usual traits of a flat character that doesn’t impede on her being one. As for supporting characters there is Dee, who is arguably the most accepted flat character due to her arrogance and condescending attitude towards other people. The other supporting character is Asalamalakim, who insists Mama should call him Hakim-a-barber for ease. To the rest of the analyzers Hakim might be the flat character as well because his presence makes everything have an awkward feel for everyone. Hakim-a-barber is portrayed as a Muslim “wanna-be”, practicing very ignorant and stereotypical exercises, he insists on not eating collard greens or pork, but Mama recalls the Muslim that she lives fairly near to don’t…

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