Essay on Every Kid Needs A Champion

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Stronger Relationships In this generation there are many educators who go to work and then go home. However, Rita Pierson, presented a TED Talk in titled, “Every Kid Needs a Champion.” She was a school teacher just like her parents for 40 years, and she has different feelings on how students will grow. Pierson gives a TED talk to an audience who she thinks may struggle with giving students teachers that they may like. Pierson wants to motivate others to know that in order for a student to learn they need someone who can build a strong relationship with them as an educator, and she tells this through sharing her personal life stories with the audience. The first aspect that one may notice about Pierson is her appearance and her assertiveness of the topic. She has on a bright red suit jacket, which makes her look energetic and she seems to be excited to express the importance of her speech. She is very authoritative when she speaks, and makes sure that the points she wants to be heard, are heard loud and clear. Pierson uses many personal stories in her speech to show that she has credibility of what she is trying to express. She tells the audience that she was a teacher for 40 years, which shows that she knows what she is saying. This shows the audience that Pierson is not just making up her facts she can back them up. Pierson speaks with authority and movement. Also, the audience who was in attendance, and the audience who is watching this TED talk will know that…

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