Every Kid Needs A Champion : Rough Draft Essay

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Megan E. Long
Mrs. Parker
ENG 201-006
4 September 2015
Every Kid Needs a Champion: Rough Draft
“I am somebody. I was somebody when I came. I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. I am powerful, and I am strong. I deserve the education that I get here. I have things to do, people to impress, and places to go” (Pierson). This statement given by Rita Person during her TED Talk about educational reforms sums up her entire speech. Ms. Pierson begins her speech by establishing her credibility with the audience present and from this point on she leads her audience through a journey of her own encounters with education and how she believes that building a strong relationship with her students is the most important key in a successful classroom. Audience members at her speech, who were also fellow teachers and workers in the educational field, were easily influenced with the tone of her conversation. Ms. Pierson was able to effectively get her views across to her audience, with the help of her credibility, emotion and also with logic.
Rita Pierson starts out her talk by saying “ I have spent my entire life either at the schoolhouse, on the way to the schoolhouse, or talking about what happens in the schoolhouse.” (Pierson.) She continues to say that both of her parents and her maternal grandparents were educators. She then says that she has also been an educator for the last 4o years. With just this statement, Rita establishes credibility with her audience, simply because she…

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