Everest Book Report Essay

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Title: Everest Trilogy
Author: Gordon Korman
Name: Brandon Wright
Teacher: Ms. K. McRae
Class: ENG4C


The Setting: The story takes place on Mount Everest. Mount Everest is a real mountain, it is one of the biggest mountains on earth, which is located in Nepal.
The Time Period: This story takes place in the present day era. I think this because back in the day I don’t think they have discovered Everest yet and I wouldn’t think they would let people climb the mountain. Also they have equipment in the story that would not exist in the past.
The Main Character(s): The story is mostly about Dominic Alexis who is a thirteen year old boy who is determined to be youngest person to ever climb the biggest and
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On Everest, everything above twenty-seven thousand feet is known as the death zone. Over powering wind gusts at two hundred miles per hour can wrench a strong person clear off the mountain. Also extremely cold temperature of one hundred degrees below zero which causes frostbite and hypothermia.

There was a contest in which you needed to spell the word EVEREST. You needed to find the letters from bottle caps and wrappers. If you spelled the word EVEREST you would receive a wild card to an entry level at boot camp, where the winner would join the American Junior Alpine Association for four weeks on intensive training and competition. It promised to be a brutal month of six-hour workouts, night climbs, and marathon hikes carrying heavy packs. And at the end the top four climbers would earn places on Summit Quest team ever to attempt the worlds’ tallest peak.

When Dominic arrived at the boot camp Dominic met up with the leader. His name was Cap Cicero and he felt that Dominic didn’t belong at the boot camp, he wanted him out. He didn’t believe that Dominic would be good enough for his team because he said Dominic was too small and too young. Dominic always came out doing really well. He never gave up and he worked very hard. The leader was though on all the kids especially Dominic. He never seemed to run out of new and exciting ways to take the group through torture. When the kids got used to thirty pounds packs, he made them carry forty. When they

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