Essay on Ever Since Childhood I Was A Bright Student

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Ever Since childhood I was a bright student. I was one of those no trouble kids. My parents didn 't have any major complaints with me. The only worries my parents had for me was my poor eyesight and lack of social skills. Connecting with people and making friends was never my forte. Growing up, I never had any real friends. I barely spoke to anyone, indoor or outdoor didn 't matter. One time in 2nd grade, my parents received a call from my English teacher. First they thought I had done something wrong at school. Later, they found out it was because I spoke for the first time in a class discussion. In 4th grade, I had a crush on this boy in my math class. To this day I could never tell him how I felt.

Speaking of school, home wasn 't any different. I was the only child of a Lawyer and an Engineer.Beside their individual beloved professions, mom and dad had a common hobby, disagreements. Expired milk, wet towels on the bed, packing for vacations are all great reasons to have a fight. I didn 't know any other two people who fought as much as my parents did.Every afternoon I would think, this is it! One of them will definitely jump out of the window. But, thankfully that day never came.

My only escape from everything was books and painting. I was painting that day too, when they found me unconscious, lying in the middle of my room. 911 call, I was rushed to the emergency room. I woke up, 12 hours later finding myself in a hospital bed. Initially, I am not told but…

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