Events That Changed Me Essay

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My life had been full of events and experiences that have made me who I am today. Although some have been good things I’ve gone through, there have also been rough situations I’ve had to deal with. With each one of these though, I have been able to become the person I am now. There are many things that have shaped me throughout my life; two of the most important have been the day my sister was born and the day we got our first pet.
It had been an amazing day. My birthday was on a Saturday and I had been looking forward to the party my parents had planned for me. That day, we woke up early to set everything up in the backyard and finish all the shopping we had left to do. Later that day, my mom started preparing all the food needed for the guests
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Dogs were my main focus, although I only liked small one, me, as well as my brother and sister, were terrified of big dogs. As much as we insisted, my parents wouldn’t let us have a dog, because they thought we were too irresponsible. After months of begging, they decided to surprise us bringing home a dog we would keep as a pet. We were expecting a small puppy, one that wouldn’t grow so much and would stay small. When they got home though, the dog wasn’t the size we expected it. Julissa, my sister, was the first one that decided to go up to her and pet her. It took my brother and me a while to finally get close to her, but we were eventually able to. That day we washed her, we went out to buy food and toys, and we chose her name. Slowly we got used to her size and we began to get very close to her. We also got used to the times we had to feed her, when we had to wash her, and all the other responsibilities that came with having a pet. Seeing my little sister grow, and teaching her new things that I have learned, has impacted my life greatly. It has helped become a role model for her, being her older sister. She has learned a lot from me, just like I have learned new things from her. Getting a new pet, also helped me be who I am today. It taught me to be responsible, and care for my pets. Even through the struggles, something good has come out of both events in my life. There could be a million things that have helped shape who I am, but out of all of them, my sister’s birth, and getting a pet, have been the most important for

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