Essay on Events Management Case Study Big Day Out

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Events Marketing

Case Study Exam
Semester 1, 2013

Ryan Price

Student: N8567018

Please answer all questions 1. Please state at least 4 minor issues arising from this case? (2 marks)

1. Crowd Control 2. Over Spending 3. Music Trends 4. Technological Change (Social media and Marketing)

2. Please state at least 8 major issues arising out of this case? Be detailed in your answers. (8 marks)

(1) Internal conflict and Communications:

Conflicts of Interest and communications between founding partners Ken West and Vivian Lees can lead to internal organisational issues for example misguided and confused management, which could potentially hinder the whole event.

(2) Host Community and Event
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Which are all damaging to Big Day Outs’ public image.

3. What alternatives would you offer when recommending solving three of your major issues that you found in question 2? Be detailed in your answer. (10 marks each = 30 marks in total)

(1) New Management- The Introduction of C3 Presents to the management team of Big Day Out could be one of the best or worst things to happen to event. To ensure that it is a good thing a smooth integration must occur. Existing management must be willing to be dynamic and open to change whilst still employing standards and techniques that have shaped Big Day Out into what it is renowned as. Because C3 has shown to be very successful with Lollapalooza in the states they should be given quite a bit of control but given direction not to totally re shape the festivals image jeopardising its reputation and loyal fan base. C3 can bring a lot of good management traits to the table with the main

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