Events Leading For Ww1 During World War II Essay

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Events Leading to WW1 World War 1 was the start of changing times in the early 1900 's. This was a time for countries to draw a line in the sand and make a mark as to who would be the new world order. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was an heir to the country of Austria. Once Ferdinand became ruler, he proposed some policies that didn 't pass over well with the other leaders within Austria. One policy would aim at becoming 16 states rather than have Austria fade into the background of Hungary 's government. Serbia had their Slavic group (Black Hands) that wanted to take down Ferdinand. Many speculated that they did once Franz was assassinated. The killing of Franz Ferdinand, as well as Gavrilo Princip, the outspoken leader of the Black Hands, who was a die-hard Slavic from Serbia. This grew the conflicts in Europe and erupted into the beginning of World War 1.(Keene 594) Imperialism. The definition states imperialism is “the policy of so uniting the separate parts of an empire with separate governments as to secure for certain purposes a single state.” (, 2015) The alliance treaties that various countries in Europe were responsible for the beginning of World War 1. When Austria/Hungary waged war against Serbia, Russia came to the aid of Serbia to fight with them because of the alliance the two countries had. France had an alliance with Russia, so when Germany had attacked Belgium, France and Britain were now involved in the War. The U.S. tried to remain neutral in…

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