Events Leading For Independence : Great Britain Essay example

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Events Leading to Independence:
Great Britain was left in great debt after the Seven Years’ War. Gorge III decided to pay the debt by acts of Parliament. The Sugar Act (1764) and the Stamp Act (1765) were introduced for the purpose. The Sugar Act imposed taxes on certain imports whereas the Stamp Act levied entirely new excise duties on newspapers, magazines, legal documents, insurance papers, etc. This began the conflict between American and London. The Townshend Duties on tea, paper, paint, lead, and glass sparked a second wave of opposition and the exports to America declined greatly.
That led to the third crisis of the Tea Act (1773) which was aimed to help the financially strapped East India Company by allowing it to use its own agents to sell tea in America rather than utilizing the independent merchants. The Colonists disguised as Indians celebrated the Boston Tea Party by throwing the entire tea cargo into the sea.
An angry parliamentarian responded to the party through the passage of Coercive (“Intolerable”) Acts (1774) which are a series of acts. The reluctant Colonists, in 1776, approved a resolution and drafted the “Declaration of Independence” demanding the freedom of the colonies in the shapes of independent States.
The War for Independence started in 1775 with the sentiment of altering or abolishing the unable government among the Colonists. This War was not the Revolution but an aftermath of it. The social transformation began in 1776. The movement ran its…

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