Personal Narrative: The Events That Changed My Life

People have events that change their lives every day; it’s not a statement but a fact. When thinking about the events that have shaped and influenced my life, I could only think of one event. The event that changed my life the most was when I almost lost my life because I did not listen to my friends and family. Learning to trust others judgment is vital especially when it comes to medical help. Having a mind open to criticism and advice can ultimately make someone a better person, and when people become more developed, they can make superior judgments.
The incident that effected my life the most was in 2009; I was working a warehouse job in Chehalis, Washington, for the Target Corporation. At that time, I had worked there for over a three years sending products to many stores across the United States. Within that time, I had never been hurt on the job or even called in sick on the job, when it came to wanting to work I was willing and able to do the job. However, one day, when I went to work there was a pain in my stomach, but I thought nothing of it and continued with my job. When continuing with my work days, my stomach
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Allowing them to give feedback on my life is important because people at work, home, or school can help influence my life in a positive way. More towards the point, everyone needs to value other people 's opinions and not dismiss them as being wrong or inaccurate. Some people may think that they are always right, but no one is always right, and being able to listen to the people who are the most influential in people’s lives is important. Listen to what people have to say whether it is right or wrong, because when you’re not listening to the advice that someone has given out, it hinders your ability to make decisions. As I have learned, it could mean the difference between life and

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