Event Planning Essay

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The aim for this assignment is to organise an outside event on behalf of a client and it will look at some important factors of the event such as the location, the number of guests it will be accommodating, special requirements, the menu, date and time for the event, staffing and their responsibilities and most of all the health and safety of the guests and the staff. Before the event is underway I will have to find out what the clients requirement are. This will help on what skills I will need to improve on during the event
According to shone and parry they suggest that “planning is vital to a successful is an event” what they are trying to say is planning process itself is the real key to what will happen so preparation
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Also will look at have to explore their talent and skill and what they can bring or add to help the event run smooth and successful. Not matter how good you work may be it is viutor to Make sure there is enough people to help setup, run, and clean-up after the event is over, and make sure that all the staff are clear when and where to show up, what they will be doing, and how long i will need them. And all these people will provide the primary level of guest assistance in the seating area, required to have a thorough knowledge of the event requirements, provide access control, crowd management and ensure the venue is safe for guests. They also have to provide guests with directions or other venue information. Moreover they also have to ensure a safe and fun environment for all guests, staff and performers.

Health and safety
It is very important that the health and safety is considered before holding the event when the venue is in an open area. At the start of the event there will be an announcement passed to shower the guests and staff where the fire assembly point are.
To ensure the safety of the guests and the staff everyone will be required to sign themselves in and out when they leave the premises so that it give me

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