Event Management: A Career In The Hospitality Industry

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The career I would pursue in the Hospitality Industry is event management. At the beginning of this semester I really liked the idea of event management, as I had looked somewhat into it, and after learning more about it this semester, I think pursuing this for my career would be fun and fulfilling. There are also so many different options within the event management field, as most companies have annual events, and may have their own event management expert, or outsource. Wedding planning, festival planning, and working for the Disney Event Group all seem like amazing jobs within the event management industry, but a general event manager for a company would be a great way to see if this job is right for me. The responsibilities and duties of an event manager are based around organization and attention to detail, which I possess and enjoy doing. While so many industries in the Hospitality field are intriguing to me, event management …show more content…
There is also a class on festival planning at USC which I want to take to see if this may be the perfect path for my career. From what I know, this seems like an exciting segment of the event management field. Working with musicians for music festivals, chefs for food festivals, and so many other endless possibilities, planning these huge events centered around certain interests would be thrilling. Being able to be involved in so many different areas in event managing through festival planning is one thing that sticks out to me in particular. I remember there was one event in DC that I went to a few summers ago, and it was a concert centered around the environmental movement. It was one of the coolest events I’ve ever been to, seeing as I love music and the environment, and it was a fully planned out festival with tons of tents and musicians and food! Being able to plan something like that, that already has so many of my own interests in it would be an amazing career

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