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Essential Guidelines for the Servant Evangelism Projects & Report

How to do the servant evangelism project

1. This Servant Evangelism Report must document TWO true, face-to-face encounters a. (not a virtual encounter – via www, email, IM etc) with unbeliever in a setting in which you served them unconditionally. The servant evangelism encounter must take place within the semester that the student is enrolled in this particular course.

2. The three P’s to Servant Evangelism-

b. P- PERSONAL: These 2 encounters must be personal- face to face- encounters done within this semester.

c. P- PRACTICAL/PHYSICAL: In both of these encounters you must meet the physical needs of another individual. Even
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How to write the Servant Evangelism paper

1. This paper should not exceed two pages…but no less than one and ½ pages!!!

2. This paper should be separated into three sections per servant encounter.

PART ONE – What were the circumstances surrounding your servant evangelism encounters.

PART TWO – What was the reaction (questions/comments/statements) of the unbeliever?

PART THREE – Conclude with an evaluation of servant evangelism.

Format Requirements for Servant Evangelism Report:

1. Your paper must be typed in Times New Roman font! No handwritten papers will be accepted. 2. Your font must be 12 point – no larger, no smaller. 3. Margins should be one inch – no larger, no smaller. 4. For the Heading The heading should be as follows:

Your name Date of Submission
Report Name course name/number
This heading must be SINGLE SPACED.

5. There is no standard format for this paper (i.e. MLA, APA, Turabian, etc). Just be consistent in your formatting throughout your paper. 6. There are three “Parts” to this assignment. At the beginning of each section, you must label which part you are addressing and the question – both of which should be in BOLD. 7. The body of your paper must be DOUBLE SPACED. 8. This is a one-two page document (deductions for not adhering to

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