Essay on Evangelism Is The Spreading Of The Christian Gospel

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Evangelism is the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.
When practiced by Biblical standards/method, it is ‘supposed’ to be an act of persuasion using reason, evidence, scripture and the Holy Spirit to show non believers the Gospel.
This is confusing to me, because it would seem today that every Church of every denomination, based on this definition alone, is Evangelist. Every church you go to has their priest, pastor, preacher, what have you. Every sermon in those churches is delivered by public preaching. I’ve been lead to believe that Evangelism is based on a ‘born again’ experience that is supposed to be a central part of a Christian’s life. Aside from that, there are four main characteristics of Evangelism: Biblicism (particular regard for the Bible), Crucicentrism (stresses the atonement of Jesus on the cross), Conversionism (belief/conviction that lives need to be changed) and Activism (expression of the Gospel).When I look at Evangelism based solely on these characteristics, it just brings more questions to mind because that sounds, to me, a lot like Paul and people came to love him for his teachings of Jesus. Once Paul had this ‘change of heart’ towards Jesus he began spreading the word of God in order to change people and bring them to God, maybe not as animated as followers later on, but the moral seems the same. Love and live for God. With that, I’ve read countless debates on whether or not Evangelism is harmful to…

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