Evangelization Of Christianity

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According to the least research, approximate 2.2billions people in the world are Christians and over half of them are Catholic, which means estimated 16 percent of the world population belonged to Catholicism. These facts make Christianity the largest and most universal religion group in the world. All of these such as enormous amount of disciples; wide distribution in the whole and integration with culture are much attributed to diligence of Apostles and evangelization in the first 500 years of the Church’s existence. The preaching and missionary trips of Apostles; influence of the local church; the Christian scholar taught upper class of Pagan society and the most crucial one------ the moral standards of followers, efficient of these evangelization …show more content…
Apostles would appointed “episcopes”(Bishops) to be in charged while they went to area). After apostles left and continued their travel, they usually wrote letter to villagers to ensure their faith. The church influence the region radicalized around it. Christians will meet in a confirmed location every Sunday and have mass. It provides a place for them to deepen their faith and connection among each other. They aid poor; share food and property; diligent and humble. Most of churches have the same goal of evangelism. The family will go to mass to the Church together. It forms a tradition inherited by the next generation as well as family faith. Their neighbor, who was a Christian, will wonder what are those people doing and try to comprehend. The influence of local Church is the long-term evangelization so the accurate time period is indistinct. The point is the church play an essential role in early evangelization. Therefore, the influence of local church counts as an individual way instead of one of the results of the Apostles’ peaching. As the time pass, the Church has integrated into people’s life and culture. A Christian can died for their faith but we cannot affirm that his son, grandson or his offspring can the same thing. The bloody and hiding daily life filled with fear and anxiety of Roman soldiers and persuasion is not what Jesus wants for his people. The existence of church is settle …show more content…
The life in Ancient Roman Empire is always haunted by themes of poverty and starvation. For ordinary people, it is already grudging to care about themselves and their familiar under a society with high mortality. Since it is a predatory world, it is real incredible that Christians pursued charity and strict tenets in people’s mind. The Masters have the most in decisions are usually not hefty but magisterial; a delighted king reigned in love and sword. Christians at this time wined others veneration with their strength in

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