Evangelism In Future Ministry

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Evangelism in Future Ministry The future of my ministry revolves around pastoring a local congregation. With that said, evangelism and multiplication must and will be an integral part of my ministry. I, first of all, must model effective evangelism. Secondly, I must create an evangelistic culture within the church so that every disciple of Christ is engaged in evangelistic efforts. My first efforts will be to continue growth in my own personal life. The principles that were taught in this class could very easily go “in one ear and out the other.” These next few weeks and months are critical in order to ensure this content becomes a lifestyle and not just a lesson learned once upon a time.
There are several areas that I must initially bring
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Most of these can be immediately applied. There are several that I will endeavor to employ and intertwine in my life. First, I will work to learn how to use conversation joggers and the five questions that allows one to enter into a spiritual conversation. The only way I can find out where God is at work in a person’s life is by asking probing questions. It seems as though Fay uses casual conversation of any kind to simply get people talking. Then, at a strategic moment, one of his favorite conversation joggers is, “Do you have any spiritual beliefs?” He also frequently says, “Do you go to church anywhere?” Memorizing these two simple questions will help me lead into the next five questions. I will put the five “Share Jesus Questions” in a place that is easily referenced for immediate use, but I will continue to work to memorize them. This will help me to be able to regurgitate them immediately and at will without having to read the …show more content…
We actually become part of God 's community, or family. In the modern world, God works in His community and in the individual lives of His family. Then, He empowers us to share our experiences to others through personal evangelism. If we are part of His community and we are recipients of His love, we are to respond to him by loving God with all of our hearts and then by loving our neighbor as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40). This brings a tremendous responsibility upon me as a redeemed child of God. Because I have been blessed with an overabundance of God’s love, I must, in turn, show His love to others that I come in contact with. With the help of the content of this class, the Lord has empowered me to become His light to display to a lost and dying world. It is my responsibility to become that vessel everywhere I go and to bring honor to Him. I must do all I can do to fulfill God’s desire to bring hope, love, life, and many other things to each person I cross paths with. In essence, I am called as a missionary to make disciples of Jesus

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