Evangelism And Discipleship At Yorkshire Umc Essay

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I interviewed Dave Hummel, who is the Pastor for Education and Discipleship at Yorkshire UMC. His phone number is (717) 755-4952. Dave graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary this past May. Since he has just begun at Yorkshire, many of the questions he answered were formatted in terms of what he would like to see happen at Yorkshire. He has many ideas on programs that he would like to begin; many he has already implemented. He is working to incorporate both evangelism and discipleship in the church. Through providing leadership opportunities and equipping members, he knows there will be fruit despite any challenges that may present themselves.
It is clear that he values both evangelism and discipleship. Many of the Bible studies, he is implementing are to strengthen the faith of his congregation members. I personally think this is one way for evangelism to begin in the Church. As guests come to the church they will find that there is a range of activities and may find something they are interested in. He also would like to provide a direct study on evangelism for members of the church to attend.
He also would like to help members in their evangelizing through leadership skills. Pastor Hummel would like to mobilize members of the Church to lead Bible studies and other events. He is currently working with a young adult in the church, and has helped him lead the young men’s group. In addition, there are people who have taken an interest in leading Kapow, a children’s…

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