Essay on Evangelical Protestants 's Influence On American Democracy

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Evangelical Protestants maintain influence in American democracy due to their size and involvement in government. One third of Americans are considered to be evangelical Christians. Evangelical Protestants adhere to a strict moral code and place a strong emphasis on the importance of family values. As a result, they object to gay marriage, stem cell research, and abortion. Evangelicals are firm in their beliefs and form pluralist groups like the National Association of Evangelicals, the Family Research Council, and the Christian Coalition to influence members of Congress to vote in correlation with their ideals. Evangelical Protestants object to same-sex marriage by organizing marches and protests. They have produced papers on the moral issue of both stem cell research and abortion in attempt to convince Congress to ban both actions. Evangelical Protestants are primarily Republican as a result of their religious principles. Liberal groups fear that evangelical Protestants are overly involved in government and are threatening the separation of church and state (3). The strict moral code and conservative views of evangelical Protestants influence a large part of the country’s political agenda and keep the government grounded to conservative Republican practices, demonstrating involvement when homosexual marriage, stem cell research, and abortion are in question.
For most of United States history, evangelical Christianity has been the predominant religious force. Today…

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