Essay on Evan Miller 's The Fourth Amendment

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Evan Miller has had a rough upbringing. He has had emotional abandonment from his alcoholic and drug abused mother, his abusive father and forced to be placed in multiple foster cares throughout his childhood. Miller is a prime example of an abandoned, troubled minor, whose true destiny has been destroyed due to these circumstances. The problems he has faced steered him to being depressed and unsatisfied, using drugs, alcohol and four suicide attempts to trying and fulfill the emptiness he has been feeling his entire life. In the Supreme Court case Miller V. Alabama, fourteen years old Even Miller believes his Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments have been violated due to his involvement in committing aggravated murder to his neighbor Cole Cannon. The eighth amendment protects citizens from receiving cruel or unusual punishment when sentencing. While the fourteenth Amendment states, all citizens are required to equal protection of the laws. Due to the extent of the crime, the courts sentenced fourteen-year-old Miller life in prison without parole, he then appealed. On July 15th, 2003, Evan Miller who was fourteen at the time committed aggravated murder. Miller and his co-defendant Colby Smith were hanging out when neighbor Cole Cannon joined the boys in the house. Cannon was previously smoking and drinking in his trailer, when he arrived at Miller 's house, his main goal was finding food. While Cannon looked for food, Miller and Smith left the house and broke into Cannon’s…

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