Evaluation Tool Used Survey Monkey, Saginaw Valley Student Feedback, Current Spanish Student

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According to Haruki Murakami (2016) learning another language is like becoming another person. A starting point in learning a new language is being able to start constructing our own identity. Through finding new meanings, metaphors and manners of speech. One may start to see a new identity within themselves. This online course will hopefully allow students to grow as individuals. In order to have an effective course, data must be evaluated from student feedback. Points to be discussed are the evaluating tool used Survey Monkey, Saginaw Valley student feedback, current Spanish student attending Au Gres-Sims and the importance of feedback in a foreign language online immersion course.
The evaluation tool used was Survey Monkey accessed online. Three responses in total were collected. The survey consisted of six multiple choices and two open-ended questions. Students chose from four options strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. The following six questions appeared on Survey Monkey:
1. The course objectives were clear and concise.
2. The course objectives were written from the learner’s perspective.
3. Assessments were beneficial and relevant to the learning objective.
4. Instructional material aided in achieving current competencies in the target language of Spanish.
5. Technical support was easily attainable.
6. Navigation of the course was easy to use for diverse learners.
The to open-ended questions were: 1. List two things you learned in the course…

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