Evaluation Plan For A School Classroom Essay

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In my kindergarten classroom, we use a variety of diagnostic assessments. Diagnostics assessments are used to help us determine areas that need clarification, and help us plan future lessons. At the beginning of the year the students were assessed to determine their prior knowledge on math and reading content. Using these results we were given information on our students prior knowledge, which helps us plan instruction that is appropriate for our students. We are currently assessing students over concepts of print for report cards. This week we have tested to determine their knowledge of where to start reading on a page and if they are proficient in the return sweep, and if they know to read top to bottom. By determining our student’s concepts of print awareness, we will be able to plan future reading lesson plans that will build and extend on their prior knowledge. Diagnostic testing gives us information on what the students know about the content and where they may have weaknesses or strengths. Once we analyze the results and data of the assessment, we can plan our lesson plans to cover where a majority of the students showed weaknesses or misconceptions. My CT and I are able to use the results from diagnostic testing to help with differentiation in our lessons. My CT has been doing assessments this week on concepts of print and our usual sight words. She has informed me that after she is able to do more assessing we will begin by grouping students with the same…

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