Evaluation Of Using Google Docs Essay

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Location and Hours of Training • Conference Room #2, Regular Office, Employees Home.
• Duration of Training: 4 hours
Resources • Power Point Presentation
• Media ( simulation video) with assessment 1
• Online collaborative tools ( Khan Academy, Google Docs, Blog and Bubbl.us)
Media Use
Participants are encouraged to use the simulator after reviewing the power point presentation.
The online tools will allow participants to work on assignments and collaborate. The use of Bubbl.us will allow the active sharing of opinions and ideas about the subject. The use of Google Docs will allow for keeping in a safe place any assignment or written opinion that will be later displayed in the blog. The blog provides an opportunity for learners to reflect opinions upon training content. Khan Academy offers the advantage for the participant to explore subjects related to healthcare and medicine.
Assessments Initial assessment: Prior to accessing the material of the course the trainees will have a pre-assessment with the purpose of determine how much they know about the process of confidentiality in the healthcare environment. The instructor will present this activity with ten multiple choices questions.
Final assessment Written Examination: At the end of the training sessions participants will undergo a written exam (HIPAA examination) where their knowledge will be tested through twenty multiple choices. In order to receive the HIPAA certification the participants can only miss…

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