Evaluation Of The Ventricular Assist Devices Essay

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Ventricular Assist Devices Science and biomedical engineering has come a long way to create interventions and mechanical devices to prolong a dying heart. There are a couple of different ventricular assist devices depending on the age and size of the patient and where their heart is failing (left or right ventricle) . The different types of VADs used today include, the pediatric ventricular assist device or left and right ventricular assist device for adults. Often times you may hear them referred to as the "bridge" to a heart transplant. So, now I am sure you are wondering how all of this came about and how everything got started to improve patient care. This particular device started with a guy by the name of Dr. Michael DeBakey, who was a Cardiac Surgeon when he realized the need for an artificial heart to support or replace a heart that could no longer be repaired. At this time they were having a difficult time receiving national research funding to start the research and foundation of making the ventricular assist devices. Dr. Micheal DeBakay made a proposal in 1963 before Senator Lester Hill 's subcommittee on Health with these exact words " Experimentally, it is possible to completely replace the hear with an artificial heart, and animals have been known to survive as long as 36 hours. This idea, I am sure, could be researched to full fruition if we had more funds to support more work, particularly in the bioengineering area. (DeBakey. par. 1) Dr. DeBakey 's…

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